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    It is a good practice to set our your expectations of student conduct in your class at the beginning of the term when you are making your usual announcements of evaluation procedures, assignments, etc. Since many subdivisions do not have fiber infrastructure, they will likely not get Giga Power service for a long time. 010-330 Fusing Unit Motor Fail 010-360 IH Driver Input High Voltage Fail 010-361 IH Driver Input Low Voltage Fail 010-362 IH Driver Surge Fail 010-363 IGBT Temperature High Fail 010-364 IGBT Temperature Sensor Fail 010-367 Input Low Current Fail 010-368 Encoder Pulse Fail 010-369 IH Driver Communication Fail 010-370 IH Driver Freeze Fail 010-371 Heat Belt STS Center Disconnection Fail 010-372 Heat Roll STS Center Over Temperature Fail 010-373 Heat Belt STS Rear Disconnection Fail 010-374 Heat Belt STS Rear Over Temperature Fail 010-375 Heat Belt STS Center Warm Up Time Fail 010-376 Heat Belt STS Rear Warm Up Time Fail 010-377 Fusing Unit On Time Fail 010-378 Heat Belt Rotation Fail 010-379 Fusing Unit Hot Not Ready Return Time Fail 010-380 P/Roll Latch Motor Fail 010-381 Fusing Unit Assy Illegal Fail 010-382 Fusing Unit Thermostat Fail 010-398 Fusing Unit Fan Fail 010-420 Fusing Unit Near Life Warning 010-421 Fusing Unit Life Over Warning 041-310 IM Logic Fail 041-316 IH Driver Interface Fail 041-317 MCU IH Interface Fail 041-325 MCU PWB F2 Blows 041-326 MCU PWB F3 Blows 041-327 MCU PWB F4 Blows 041-328 MCU PWB F5 Blows 041-340 MCU Nvm (EEPROM) Data Fail 041-341 MCU NVM (EEPROM) Access Fail 041-342 MCU Nvm (EEPROM) Buffer Fail 041-345 MD PWB F2 Blows 041-347 Serial I/O Fail 041-348 MD PWB F4 Blows 041-349 MD PWB F6 Blows 041-350 MD PWB F7 Blows 041-351 MD Detect Fail 041-352 MD PWB F5 Blows 041-353 MD PWB F8 Blows 041-354 MD PWB F9 Blows 041-355 MD PWB F10 Blows 041-356 MD PWB F11 Blows 041-357 MD PWB F12 Blows 041-358 MD PWB F13 Blows 041-359 MD PWB F14 Blows Code Description 041-360 MD PWB F15 Blows 041-361 MD PWB F16 Blows 041-368 MCU-SW Firmware Mismatch 041-369 MD Type Mismatch 042-320 Drum Y, M, C Motor Fail 042-323 Drum K Motor Fail 042-324 IBT Motor Fail 042-325 Main Motor Fail 042-330 IH Exhaust Fan Fail 042-332 IH Intake Fan Fail 042-335 Process 1 Fan Fail 042-336 Process 2 Fan Fail 042-337 NOHAD Logic Fail 042-338 LVPS Front Fan Fail 042-340 Cartridge Fan Fail 042-341 M Fan Fail 042-342 Suction Fan Fail 042-343 Rear Bottom Fan Fail 042-344 C Exhaust Fan Fail 042-400 Deodorant Filter Life End 042-604 NOHAD Temperature Sensor Fail 042-609 LH Fan Fail 045-310 Image Ready NG 045-311 Controller Communication Fail 045-312 Drive Logic Fail 045-313 ENG_LOGIC_FAIL 045-321 MK_Panel_NG 045-322 MK_Pitch_NG 045-331 MK_MKIF_MSG_Reject 045-332 MK_MMIF_MSG_Reject 045-350 MK_Emergency_Over_Wait 045-351 MK_Emergency_No_Timer 045-352 MK_Emergency_Enforced_Stop 045-370 LPH Power On Fail Multi 045-371 LPH Download Data Fail Multi 045-372 LPH Mismatch Fail Multi 045-373 LPH Read Fail Multi 045-374 LPH Write Fail Multi 045-375 LPH Act Fail Multi 045-376 LPH PLL Lock Fail Multi 047-211 Exit 1 OCT Home Fail 047-212 Exit 2 OCT Home Fail 047-213 Finisher Kind Mismatch 047-216 Finisher Communication Fail 047-217 Feeder Communication Fail 047-320 ALL Destination Tray Broken 061-350 LPH Power On Fail Y 061-351 LPH Power On Fail M 061-352 LPH Power On Fail C Code Description 061-353 LPH Power On Fail K 061-354 LPH Download Data Fail Y 061-355 LPH Download Data Fail M 061-356 LPH Download Data Fail C 061-357 LPH Download Data Fail K 061-358 LPH Mismatch Fail Y 061-359 LPH Mismatch Fail M 061-360 LPH Mismatch Fail C 061-361 LPH Mismatch Fail K 061-362 LPH Read Fail Y 061-363 LPH Read Fail M 061-364 LPH Read Fail C 061-365 LPH Read Fail K 061-366 LPH Write Fail Y 061-367 LPH Write Fail M 061-368 LPH Write Fail C 061-369 LPH Write Fail K 061-370 LPH Act Fail Y 061-371 LPH Act Fail M 061-372 LPH Act Fail C 061-373 LPH Act Fail K 061-374 LPH Chip Fail Y 061-375 LPH Chip Fail M 061-376 LPH Chip Fail C 061-377 LPH Chip Fail K 061-378 LPH Chip Fail Y 061-379 LPH Ltrg Fail M 061-384 LPH Ltrg Fail C 061-385 LPH Ltrg Fail K 061-386 LPH PLL Lock Fail Y 061-387 LPH PLL Lock Fail M 061-388 LPH PLL Lock Fail C 061-389 LPH PLL Lock Fail K 061-390 LPH FFC Connect Posi Fail Y 061-391 LPH FFC Connect Posi Fail M 061-392 LPH FFC Connect Posi Fail C 061-393 LPH FFC Connect Posi Fail K 061-394 LPH FFC Connect Nega Fail Y 061-395 LPH FFC Connect Nega Fail M 061-396 LPH FFC Connect Nega Fail C 061-397 LPH FFC Connect Nega Fail K 061-398 BITZ1 Initialize Fail 061-399 BITZ2 Initialize Fail 061-610 Bitz1 CONTIF Fail 061-611 Bitz2 CONTIF Fail 071-105 Regi Sensor On Jam (Tray1/2/3/4) 071-210 Tray 1 Lift Up Fail 071-212 Tray 1 Paper Size Sensor Broken 071-940 Tray 1 Lift Up NGCode Description 072-101 Tray 2 Miss Feed 072-102 Feed Out Sensor 2 On Jam (Tray 3/4) 072-210 Tray 2 Lift Up Fail 072-212 Tray 2 Paper Size Sensor Broken 072-900 Tray 2 Feed Out Sensor Static Jam 072-940 Tray 2 Lift Up NG 073-101 Tray 3 Miss Feed 073-102 Feed Out Sensor 3 On Jam (Tray 4) 073-210 Tray 3 Lift Up Fail 073-212 Tray 3 Paper Size Sensor Broken 073-900 Tray 3 Feed Out Sensor Static Jam 073-940 Tray 3 Lift Up NG 074-101 Tray 4 Miss Feed 074-210 Tray 4 Lift Up Fail 074-212 Tray 4 Paper Size Sensor Broken 074-900 Tray 4 Feed Out Sensor Static Jam 074-940 Tray 4 Lift Up NG 075-100 MSI Miss Feed 075-103 MSI Feed Out Sensor Off Jam 075-135 Regi Sensor On Jam (MSI) 075-212 MSI Nudger Up Down Fail 077-101 Regi Sensor Off Jam 077-103 Exit Sensor 1 Off Jam 077-104 Exit Sensor 1 Off Jam (Too Short) 077-105 Exit Sensor 2 Off Jam 077-106 Exit Sensor 1 On Jam 077-109 Exit Sensor 2 On Jam 077-110 POB Sensor On Jam 077-130 Regi Sensor On Jam (Duplex Direct) 077-131 Duplex Wait Sensor On Jam 077-211 Tray Module Kind Mismatch 077-212 Tray Module Reset Fail 077-214 Tray Module Logic Fail 077-215 Tray Module Communication Fail 077-300 Front Cover Interlock Open 077-301 L/H Cover Interlock Open 077-305 Tray Module L/H Cover Open 077-307 Duplex Cover Open 077-308 L/H High Cover Open 077-314 P/H Module Logic Fail 077-320 All Feed Tray Broken 077-602 Transparency Sensor Fail 077-900 Regi Sensor Static Jam 077-901 Exit Sensor 1 Static Jam 077-902 Exit Sensor 2 Static Jam 077-903 POB Sensor Static Jam 077-907 Duplex Wait Sensor Static Jam 089-600 RC Sample Lateral Fail-A1 089-601 RC Sample Block Fail-A1-In Code Description 089-603 RC Sample Block Fail-A1-Out 089-604 RC Sample Block Fail-B-#1-In 089-606 RC Sample Block Fail-B-#1-Out 089-607 RC Sample Block Fail-B-#2-In 089-609 RC Sample Block Fail-B-#2-Out 089-610 RC Sample Block Fail-B-#3-In 089-612 RC Sample Block Fail-B-#3-Out 089-613 RC Sample Block Fail-B-#4-In 089-615 RC Sample Block Fail-B-#4-Out 089-616 RC Data Over Flow Fail 089-617 RC Lead Regi Over Range Fail 089-625 RC Data Linearity Fail Y 089-626 RC Data Linearity Fail M 089-627 RC Data Linearity Fail C 089-628 RC Data Linearity Fail K 091-313 CRUM ASIC Communication Fail 091-400 Waste Toner Bottle Near Full 091-401 Drum Cartridge K Near Life 091-402 Drum Cartridge K Life Over 091-407 DRUM K CRUM Trouble Info 091-411 Drum Cartridge Y Near Life 091-417 DRUM Y CRUM Trouble Info 091-421 Drum Cartridge M Near Life 091-427 DRUM M CRUM Trouble Info 091-431 Drum Cartridge C Near Life 091-437 DRUM C CRUM Trouble Info 091-480 Drum Cartridge Y Life Over 091-481 Drum Cartridge M Life Over 091-482 Drum Cartridge C Life Over 091-910 Waste Toner Bottle Not In Position 091-911 Waste Toner Bottle Full 091-913 Drum Cartridge K Life End 091-914 Drum CRUM K Communication Fail 091-915 Drum CRUM K Data Broken 091-916 Drum CRUM K Data Mismatch 091-917 Drum CRUM Y Communication Fail 091-918 Drum CRUM M Communication Fail 091-919 Drum CRUM C Communication Fail 091-921 Drum CRUM K Not In Position 091-927 Drum CRUM Y Not In Position 091-928 Drum CRUM M Not In Position 091-929 Drum CRUM C Not In Position 091-940 Drum CRUM Y Data Broken 091-941 Drum CRUM C Data Broken 091-942 Drum CRUM C Data Broken 091-943 Drum CRUM Y Data Mismatch 091-944 Drum CRUM M Data Mismatch 091-945 Drum CRUM C Data Mismatch 092-312 ATC Fail [Y]Code Description 092-313 ATC Fail [M] 092-314 ATC Fail [C] 092-315 ATC Fail [K] 092-649 ADC Shutter Open Fail 092-650 ADC Shutter Close Fail 092-651 ADC Sensor Fail 092-657 ATC Amplitude Fail [Y] 092-658 ATC Amplitude Fail [M] 092-659 ATC Amplitude Fail [C] 092-660 ATC Amplitude Fail [K] 092-661 Temperature Sensor Fail 092-662 Humidity Sensor Fail 092-665 ATC Average Fail [Y] 092-666 ATC Average Fail [M] 092-667 ATC Average Fail [C] 092-668 ATC Average Fail [K] 092-670 ADC Patch Fail [Y] 092-671 ADC Patch Fail [M] 092-672 ADC Patch Fail [C] 092-673 ADC Patch Fail [K] 092-675 ADC Mini Setup Fail [Y] 092-676 ADC Mini Setup Fail [M] 092-677 ADC Mini Setup Fail [C] 092-678 ADC Mini Setup Fail [K] 093-314 Y Disp Motor Fail 093-315 M Disp Motor Fail 093-316 C Disp Motor Fail 093-317 K Disp Motor Fail 093-324 Deve Y , M, C Motor Fail 093-400 K Toner Cartridge Near Empty 093-406 K Toner Cartridge Pre Near Empty 093-407 Y Toner Cartridge Pre Near Empty 093-408 M Toner Cartridge Pre Near Empty 093-409 C Toner Cartridge Pre Near Empty 093-423 Y Toner Cartridge Pre Near Empty 093-424 M Toner Cartridge Near Empty 093-425 C Toner Cartridge Near Empty 093-426 TONER K CRUM Trouble Info 093-427 TONER Y CRUM Trouble Info 093-428 TONER M CRUM Trouble Info 093-429 TONER C CRUM Trouble Info 093-912 K Toner Cartridge Empty 093-916 Toner K CRUM Not In Position 093-924 Toner K CRUM Communication Fail 093-925 Toner K CRUM Data Broken Fail 093-926 Toner K CRUM Data Mismatch Fail 093-941 Toner M CRUM Communication Fail 093-942 Toner C CRUM Communication Fail 093-943 Toner Y CRUM Communication Fail Code Description 093-950 Toner Y CRUM Data Broken Fail 093-951 Toner M CRUM Data Broken Fail 093-952 Toner C CRUM Data Broken Fail 093-960 Toner Y CRUM Data Mismatch Fail 093-961 Toner M CRUM Data Mismatch Fail 093-962 Toner C CRUM Data Mismatch Fail 093-970 Toner Y CRUM Not In Position 093-971 Toner M CRUM Not In Position 093-972 Toner C CRUM Not In Position 094-300 IBT Front Cover Open 094-320 1st BTR Contact/Retract Fail 094-323 2nd BTR Contact/Retract Fail 094-417 IBT Unit Near End Warning 094-418 IBT CLN Unit Near End Warning 094-419 2nd BTR Unit Near End Warning 094-420 IBT Unit End Warning 094-421 IBT CLN Unit End Warning 094-422 2nd BTR Unit End Warning OF-01 Common System Fail OF-02 HDD System Fail OF-03 NET/USB System Fail OF-04 Panel System Fail OF-05 IIT System Fail OF-06 IOT System Fail OF-07 FAX System Fail OF-08 116-324 Fail OF-09 Common Job Fail OF-10 HDD Job Fail OF-11 FAX Job Fail OF-12 033-363 Fail OF-13 016-782 / 016-784 Fail OF-14 FAX Card Fail OF-15 NET Job Fail OF-30 [No Error Code] (No problems during service call) OF-31 [No Error Code] (Problem: "Does not start up at power ON" error can be OF-32 [No Error Code] (Problem: "Does not return from Power Save" error can be reproduced.) OF-33 [No Error Code] (Problem: "Remained in 'Copying...' or 'Printing...'" error can be reproduced.) 003-318 IITsc Soft Fail0 003-319 IITsc Video Driver Detection Fail 003-320 IISS-ESS Communication Fail 1 003-321 IISS-ESS Communication Fail 2 003-322 IISS-ESS Communication Fail 3 003-323 IISS-ESS Communication Fail 4 003-324 IISS-ESS Communication Fail 5 003-325 IISS-ESS Communication Fail 6 003-326 IISS-ESS Communication Fail 7 003-327 IISS-ESS Communication Fail 8 003-328 IISS-ESS Communication Fail 9Code Description 003-329 IISS-ESS Communication Fail 10 003-330 IISS-ESS Communication Fail 11 003-331 IISS-ESS Communication Fail 12 003-332 IISS-ESS Communication Fail 13 003-333 IISS-ESS Communication Fail 14 003-334 IISS-ESS Communication Fail 15 003-335 IISS-ESS Communication Fail 16 003-336 IISS-ESS Communication Fail 17 003-337 IISS-ESS Communication Fail 18 003-338 IISS-ESS Communication Fail 19 003-339 IISS-ESS Communication Fail 20 003-340 IISS-ESS Communication Fail 21 003-341 IISS-ESS Communication Fail 22 003-342 IISS-ESS Communication Fail 23 003-343 IISS-ESS Communication Fail 24 003-344 IISS_ESS X Hotline Fail Power On 003-345 X PIO Unmatch Fail 1 003-346 X PIO Unmatch Fail 2 003-700 Returned a lot of Documents error 003-701 Duplication prevention code detect 003-702 Different magnification, for surface and back of a document 003-703 Auto Color Correction Patch Position Fail 003-704 Color Correction Value Difference Fail…

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    All modern browsers have a built-in XML parser that can convert text into an XML DOM object.

    The response Text property returns the response as a string.

    API free implementation of telnet and ssh for Win32 platforms, along with an xterm terminal emulator (does not include port forwarding) Secure Shell Client Cwm is a general-purpose data processor for the semantic web.

    However, before an XML document can be accessed, it must be loaded into an XML DOM object.

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    This article has been translated to Serbo-Croatian language by Anja Skrba from Entire library is contained in a single header file, and requires no building or configuration.

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